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We Inspire You to Inspire Others

With over two decades of expertise in music, television and film industry; our goal is to develop innovative concepts and produce next-level projects that ignite passion and impact minds all over the globe.


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What We DO

Media Consulting

• Strategic Planning
• Marketing & Branding
• Sketch Boards

Television & Film

• Treatments & Writing
• Sporting Events
• Video Production

Music Consulting

• Studio Production
• Artist Development
• Addressing the 5 W's

About Us

The Partners

Pete Ward

As the "Business Arm" of Vultron Media; Pete brings 20 years of experience to making our project come to fruition.

Darren "Chum" Lewis

A 25 year veteran in Music, Film and Television; Darren is the "Creative Arm" and embodies the visionary spirit of Vultron Media.



"We inspire you so that you may inspire others."


New York
Washington D.C.

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